Prophetic Manipulation


“Prophetic Manipulation: Unmasking the Spirit of Jezebel” is an eye-opening exploration of spiritual deception and the misuse of divine gifts within religious communities. Written from the perspective of a victim of prophetic abuse, the book provides a rare and honest look into the shadows of faith, where false prophets, under the guise of spiritual guides, exploit the vulnerabilities of those seeking divine connection. This compelling narrative shines a light on the sinister practices of these wolves in prophets’ clothing, illuminating the tactics they use to manipulate, control, and exploit in the name of prophecy.

In this book, readers are taken on an intimate journey through the labyrinth of manipulated faith. The author uncovers the true purpose of spiritual gifts and exposes the grim reality of their misuse. Through engaging and heart-wrenching personal accounts, the author peels back the layers of deceit and subjugation, revealing the spirit of Jezebel that continues to lurk within modern religious communities. Yet, despite the darkness, the book carries an enduring beacon of hope, offering pathways to recovery for those ensnared in the clutches of prophetic manipulation.

“Prophetic Manipulation: Unmasking the Spirit of Jezebel” is not just a book; it’s a lifeline for those drowning in a sea of manipulated faith. It’s a call to arms to reclaim spiritual sovereignty, to break free from the chains of false prophecy, and to embrace a faith that is genuine, empowering, and filled with divine love. As you journey through its pages, you’ll find strength, healing, and the courage to step into a faith that’s truly your own. This is your invitation to rise, to heal, and to rediscover the authentic essence of your faith.


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